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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 15, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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to contribute more to funds. i asked boehner this morning in now saying no to could the pay wol tax exemption be done by cutting elsewhere? we also asked him what he was not happy about. >> the republicans continue to play political games and raise taxes on working americans. so we made a decision to bring them to the table so that the games would stop and we would get this work done. >> brooke, we're tracking this on a minute by minute basis. i'm told that they were hopeful to have this kind of signed off on by the end of the day so they could work on bringing this to the floor in both chambers. i'm watching, i'm waiting, and will bring it to you when they've decided. >> thank you, kate baldwin, there on the hill. now this. here we go, top of the hour
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number two. i'm brooke baldwin. i want to talk iran here. we have hit on today's advances in the company's new program. we're going to circle that back here. the targets are in israeli. in new delhi, it wounded at least two people. they seem to think this is a terror campaign against hoz bolla. brian, what do you know? >> brooke, even before this bomb threat in new delhi, the homeland security and the fbi put out a bulletin. this was last week, and it was intended for law enforcement agencies. it says, in light of attentions over iran, they were maybe concerned iran might attempt attacks inside the united states
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given last year's foiled plot to. i think that is going to help keep them in control of targets around the u.s. but they said the dhs and the fbi have received no specific threats to jewish organizations, facilities and personnel in the united states as a result of recent heightened tensions with iran. that doesn't mean that couldn't change and change quickly. napolitano even had a conference call with jewish groups to review security pe cautirecauti urge them to be vigilant. but still no specific information concerning any acts or plans. this could be very well to important. a director of national intelligence are believed to become more willing to try to strike targets in the uts use.
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he said, or that american man being accused in that to kill a ronny and spy locations in the u.s. that could be at risk. >> the truth in the united states is there are a lot of soft hearteds. there are surely jewish organizations where the iranians have hit them abroad, north america, and that would be an easy target. lots of targets could be hit. >> but he added that he thinks if iran has any sleeper cells in iran, they would not be able to attack within short notice. they've successfully man against
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jewish targets. iran has that through its proxies, so that is always a danger. >> we'll look later for more on the situation. thank you for that. i want to move a ball a little bit and talk about iran's frequency. in a second you'll see their president, ahmadinejad, live cameras in tow, moves to the and loaded nuclear fuel rods they produced temtsz. a
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and. is this maybe a step in iran's nuclear program? >> there are major steps forward and iran is very good at trying to make sure the international community is aware of these steps forward, but they want to make sure that there's nothing. the rest of the world isn't ready to acquiescence on the, you see the scientist in this lab coat followed by i don't know how many cameras. my question is, why is he so particularly invested in the lap programs. the lap -- as the nuclear program as a sort of prestige
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that they can master this close technology. but ultimately, i think they're shooting for having a wulpow. it would allow us to being a more demon i can that seegs air is power to the tenth power. i think retrooeg those weapons can help achieve those goals. >> how much is this is about the power struggle in iran, you have ahmadinejad, you have eye toll a. how much is this is a pro verbal chan chants. you're absolutely right, there is lots of tensions in iran. the nuclear program is very popular with the public. ahmadinejad supports it, the supreme leader supports it.
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unfortunately, this isn't something where we can exploit the differences within the regime to get them to give up this nuclear program. so it's going to be very difficult, i think, over the next coming months as iran continues to move forward with its nuclear program to convince them to put serious curbs on the program. i'm afraid very soon we'll be facing a situation where we will have to acquiescence, including possible military action, to stop the program. >> we talk about military sanctions already hurting the iranian program. are the iranian people ready to pay the price for this program? >> the sanctions are starting to hurt the economy, as you point out. and so, you know, in that sense they're affected. but the point of the faction isn't to hurt kmthe economy, it to convince iran to come to the table and put serious curves on its program in iran.
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>> what about the people? >> the people of iran are also suffering. the regime has support among some elements of the population but not others. that said, the people do see the right to produce nuclear technology as exactly that, a right. and so i think there is, you know, resentment toward the international community for putting pressure on iran and trying to convince them to think about this program. so, again, they're popular in the population. they're not ready to go to the negotiating table and give up the nuclear program. >>. >> still ahead here. hundreds of minimum thouts
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trappe trapped. whitney houston's funeral is saturday. jane velez-mitchell will join me live. how often have you heard this? >> press 1 on your phone now to speak tie live operator. >> we all get them fine. we'll be right back. [ engine sputtering ]
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. a couple stories we're working here. the government warning about a fake cancer drug. also, we've been talking about those annoying robo changes.
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changes are coming to those and prison inmates burned alive. time to play reporter roulette. wanted again here with this counterfeit version of the best-selling cancer drug. elizabeth cohen has that this morning on avastin. elizabeth? >> reporter: brooke, the food and drug administration has warned 19 medical practices that they may have fake avastin on their shelves. it's used to treat colon cancer, among others. the fake packaging is in french. that's the first sign that this is a counterfeit, and also it says rouche on the label as the company that makes it. the real avastin actually says genentek on it. if any practices have it, they need to get rid of it. these folks are making $120 for
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a 400-milliliter bottle of avastin. we don't know if any patients were given this drug, and if they were, if it damaged them. brooke? >> allison kosik on the new rules. hallelujah, if i may, limiting how and when telemarketers can call and text you. what are the new rules? what do we need to know? >> what these new rules do, brooke, is that they work with that do not call list to cut back on telemarketing calls. there were just a lot of loopholes in that do not call list that allowed some of these automated calls to continue, so the sec is trying to pass them up. the biggest change is telemarketers have to get written permission to robocall you at home or send you those robo text messages before a company can actually call you. say your bank tried to call you to sell insurance. that will have to stop, but guess what has to stop, brooke.
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those political calls. get that phone ready for all those political messages telling you who to vote for. >> not a surprise those aren't stopping. the price of a movie ticket is at an all-time high, but you found other things people are doing to get around that. how so? >> you know how people are saving money, brooke? they're not going to the movies. a survey from shows that 55% of movie goers are skipping it altogether or they're just going less often as they did before the recession came along. they smuggle in their snacks, they sneak into a second movie at the multiplex. i don't advocate it, but it is fun, i have to admit. i just admitted that on tv. >> it's okay. >> the economy plays a part in this, obviously.
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just so you know, the average movie ticket last year was at $7.90, so it is cheaper just to get something on tv and invite everybody over to the house. >> i'm all about the sweat pants on the sofa and renting a movie, i will admit that. >> i'm with you. next here on reporter roulette, i want to bring in rafael romo here on this horrendous story out of honduras. nearly 300 inmates have died in this fire. as far as how it started, that's you still unknown. >> it's still under investigation but there are two possibilities, one, that an inmate may have set a mattress on fire, and another is that a short circuit may have started the whole thing. but think about it, 300 inmates in a massive fire dying while there is no real escape route and it's just so tragic. it talks about the conditions in which inmates, prisoners in honduras live. very, very tragic. >> overcrowding is huge over
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there. >> overcrowding. this particular prison was housing 851 inmates and it was only built for 400, so that tells you a lot about what kind of conditions they were facing. unsanitary, harsh, not adequate at all. >> they couldn't get out, and we saw video of family members showing up wondering if their loved one was alive or dead. >> and there are still missing people. >> that is your reporter roulette on this wednesday. the investing into whitney houston's death just took a turn. they're chesubpoenaing doctors pharmacies. that's next. my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life.
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the whitney houston investigation turned to the singer's prescriptions and whether they might have played a role in her death. don lemmon so you are guy in los angeles on this one, and don, i understand the los angeles coroner's office are the ones who issued these subpoenas. the question is for what, and is this standard practice here as far as a death examination goes? >> well, it's not out of the ordinary. let's just say that the coroner does have the power to do it, and i'm sure on occasion they do do it. but for a star of this magnitude, no, they're going to make sure they dot all their i's, cross all their t's and toto do it on two coasts. they are subpoenaing pharmacists and doctors on two coasts, the doctors and pharmacists whose names were on the prescription medications found in whitney houston's hotel suite at the beverly hilton on saturday after she was pronounced dead. that's the new information today. they issued those subpoenas, they want to know who prescribed
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the medication, who filled it so they can figure out if she took it as prescribed and to make sure she was not doctor shopping or pharmacy shopping, and they say so far, ed winter, who i spoke to, chief coroner here, nothing seems out of the ordinary, brooke. at this point. >> where is the scope of the investigation taking authorities? >> well, here in los angeles and, again, on the east coast as well. because what they say is, ask just like most people, right, if you're an entertainer, you're going to be traveling so you probably have a couple different doctors in a couple different cities, maybe in a couple different countries. but you go in to your doctor and you say, my neck hurts. what you really have is a dental problem, so you go to the dentist. they refer you to another doctor. they say, hey, you have something wrong with your spine, you need another doctor.
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that has happened in this case with one doctor, and they're trying to make sure you don't get a prescription from one doctor, you go to another one and get another prescription, so they're trying to make sure everything is aboveboard and there weren't more doctors prescribing medication for whitney houston without their knowledge. >> so the question, what's the official cause of death? you and i have been talking, those toxicology results aren't available for six to eight weeks, but now we're learning they're expediting those results, right? >> they're expediting it, and ed winter told me, maybe we're hoping, don, four to six weeks now, maybe even sooner. as you and i have been talking about this, and we spoke yesterday, and as we spoke earlier today, sometimes they get prelims where something will spike. they check for am fet -- a
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amphetamines and things first. here's the thing. you and i have been talking, and we know because we've been in the news for information that hasn't been quite accurate but warning people about that information and accurate reporting. ed winter says i've gotten calls from all over the world, don, people hearing, hey, the dea is going to be part of this investigation because prescription drugs are killing celebrities in hollywood. the dea not involved. the rumors are out of control. what i just reported to you, you and i have just reported here, that's where it is at this point. >> just the facts. >> just the facts, you got it. >> thank you, don lemmon. you're doing a great job out there. investigators are taking a look at houston's doctor and medical records, don just mentioned those subpoenas. there is a rise of deaths in america on prescription drugs.
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on the case today, it's certainly no secret that whitney houston had battled addiction to illegal drugs. she was, in fact, rehabbed just last may. but houston was seen at a party with champagne in hand two days before she died. jane velez-mitchell is the author of the book "addict mission." jane, nice to have you on. obviously we'll talk addiction here in just a moment, but in terms of the news of this story today, what do you make of the fact that the l.a. county coroner's office issuing these subpoenas, getting houston's medical records, talking to doctors, talking to these pharmacies. because so far, they say, it doesn't look like anything criminal, she wasn't doctor shopping. >> well, tragically, brooke, it doesn't have to be criminal, it doesn't have to be doctor shopping. what's happening legally all over this country is causing
3:27 pm
people to die unnecessarily. the fact is that we know she had been drinking, her friend said that, and a close family friend told cnn that she was taking xanax for anti-anxiety, for anxiety as an anti-anxiety drug, and here's my question. why would a doctor ever prescribe a known addict something like xanax? it is, according to critics, and i've been researching this as soon as xanax first came up in this story, highly addictive, very mood altering, and it is extremely dangerous when combined with alcohol. earlier today, i spoke with a woman in recovery who did use xanax and alcohol together recreationally, and she told me how each magnifies the effect of the other, and that's why it's really playing with fire when you drink alcohol and take xanax at the same time. so this is what we have to focus on, i think, is that it doesn't
3:28 pm
have to be anything criminal. it doesn't have to be doctor shopping. just the fact that the coroner's office is saying, well, there weren't too many prescriptions. well, i might have had even more in my home. that person is not an addict who has gone to rehab three times and repeatedly failed to remain sober. we have to -- >> let me just jump in. the onus, obviously, talking about xanax, falls on the doctor, knowing that she has an addictive history? >> yeah, and if a doctor said, well, i didn't know, well, one google search would reveal hundreds of articles on the subject of whitney houston and her battles with substance abuse. and i would much rather see whitney houston alive today with some anxiety than her taking an anti-anxiety drug and being deceased. that's why there is such ignorance in the medical community itself about the
3:29 pm
dating active natu addictive nature of these drugs, and about the fact that a person once an addict, always an addict should never be prescribed anything like xanax unless it's life or death, in my opinion. >> i want to show you some pigts, because something else we thought about. remember these images when she was almost rail thin. this is 2001. this is michael jackson's birthday celebration. after years of abusing herself, her body with drugs, whatever, whatever caused this weight loss, is it possible that saturday afternoon, jane, that her body simply gave out? >> absolutely, brooke, it's totally possible. it doesn't have to be o.d., it doesn't have to be a drowning. we know she went to the throat doctor, so she may have, as some published reports claim, gotten some antibiotics. then you add on maybe some over-the-counter stuff. we've heard midol, then you add on the alcohol. we know she was drinking a couple nights before.
3:30 pm
there were reports that there were beer bottles and champagne bottles in her room. then you add on the xanax, then you put yourself in a hot tub and it is a prescription for disaster. >> you talk about the ignorance within the medical community, but there is obviously also this whole issue among the population when it comes to substance abuse and prescription drugs, and once again, i was talking to bob forrest from celebrity rehab yesterday saying hopefully no matter what the physical cause of death, this was a wake-up call for people, i have a couple facts and figures i want to push along here. more and more people are dying from taking pills that are supposed to make them feel better. we have a chart, guys, let's pull this up. more people die from poisoning than from car accidents, and 90% of those poisonings were caused by drugs. when you look at this, the number of people dying from drug overdoses has increased sixfold. it went from 6,000 back in 1980
3:31 pm
to 36,000 in 1998. how do we reverse the trend? >> i remember the "new york times" did an in-depth conversation with a psychiatrist who said he wasn't getting insurance money anymore for the talking cure, to sit down and talk to a patient about what's really troubling them, so he had to prescribe them drugs. if you have anxiety, you need to find out why you're anxious and deal with the root issues as opposed to just suppressing the anxiety symptoms with a drug. because the underlying problem remains and festers. >> it's just so easy for some people to pop a pill, isn't it? >> it's our culture. we have an addictogenic culture. up next, he is a public superstar recently busted for public intoxication. now we are seeing what happened when police confronted randy travis in the parking lot of a church. plus, the next time you are
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if it's interesting or happening right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire, beginning with the president. president obama completing a cross-country trip with a stop in wisconsin. today he visited a master lock plant that has brought jobs to america. at one point he went off script. watch this. >> i was thinking about the fact that i am a father of two girls who are soon going to be in high school, and that it might come in handy to have these super locks. for now i'm just counting on the fact that when they go to school, there are men with guns with them.
3:36 pm
>> can't have that secret service forever. maybe you can. president obama's next stop is california fire little fundraising. in texas, police released this video from a cruiser dash cam. you're going to see randy travis being arrested here for public intoxication the night of the super bowl. officers say travis' speech was slurred when they talked to him in the parking lot of all places a baptist church. he had no i.d. and was parked there with an empty bottle of wine in the car. travis told cnn he was just celebrating as so many other americans did on that sunday night. 17 texas christian university students arrested today, including four football players. the students are charged with selling both prescription and illegal drugs to undercover officers. >> marijuana, cocaine, molly, which is a powdered form of ecstasy, ecstasy pills, acid and prescription drugs, which include but not limited to
3:37 pm
xanax, hydrocodone, and three different types of oxymorphone which is similar to the highly addictive oxycontin. >> police made arrests both off and on campus, including at fraternity houses. people are struggling to get out of buried homes in romainia. hundreds of people have died in this storm. temperatures are plunging to 45 degrees below zero. watch out who is behind you in line at the airport. this guy apparently didn't realize he was on camera. police say he took a $6500 rolex watch that another passenger left behind in those little tubs. they watch him put on his jacket, sees the watch in a
3:38 pm
minute -- wait for it, wait, wait, he sees it. he grabs it. oh, that's a nice watch. and walks away. that happened on january 19 at the ft. lauderdale airport. police believe the man board aid flight to charlotte. they will be talking to people on that flight hoping to catch him. he says i am going to count to ten. he cocked the gun, fired it in the air and put it to my head again. >> that is the voice of arwa damon. she is inside syria where she spoke to an assassin paid to kill civilians. plus you're going to hear who the regime is blaming after this national oil pipeline explodes. peyton walsh all over that, next. oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪
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within the last hour, we have been able to see these protests. this is syria, people out in public despite knowing thousands of syrians have already died by simply stepping outside. the president of syria, bashar assad, has kept journalists outside the country, but our journalist has been able to step in and see just how bad life is there. arwa? >> reporter: it's a very intense situation here right now and it still is incredibly difficult to get down to the bottom of the
3:42 pm
dynamics that are existing here. but as we have been moving around, we've gained something of an understanding of what members of the free syrian army are going through. we continually have to take dirt roads, travel through farmlands, avoid check points, really living on the edge. they risk their lives at just about every single step of the way, whether it's trying to get into a neighborhood that is under siege or more critically trying to get medical supplies in and the wounded out. there has been a fair level of frustration and an anger that has been growing and brewing amongst those members of the opposition because of what the regime is doing to them, because of what they perceive as being the international communities' inability or unwillingness to unite when it comes to syria and take some sort of definitive action. there is also this growing sense
3:43 pm
that this battle that is taking place here is going to last a lot longer than many of them had anticipated. and what they're hoping, of course, is for some sort of support so that they can, at vet least, militarily begin to stand up to the assad regime, because they do truly believe this is a fight to the death, a fight until the very end. >> you saw how it's nighttime now in syria. it's actually just before 11:00 there, 11:00 at night. but much earlier, darkness clouded the city. this is the daytime. look at the sky. pitch black. that is because of this oil pipeline explosion. opposition activists say the assad regime is to blame. but the government has a different story. nick walsh has those details. nick? >> they woke up again on the 11th day in a row to artillery. so many of those shells have
3:44 pm
slammed in particular in the past five days. the oil pipeline from there which carried oil to the kapt although of damascus was severed by what the civilian regime said were armed terrorists but what was described to me azhs artilly shells fired. they had enough to deal with without having a nasty black smoke, causing many of them to choke. we spoke with other activists, again, having to keep away from windows in case blasts hit his house, our conversation interrupted from that noise of artillery. there is some attempt from him, saying in 11 days he wants to see a referendum on paper. it stops his party from being the only party in the political system, allowing other parties
3:45 pm
to have a say, but so many are wondering what kind of refer endid you mean you can have when so many homes are on an onslaught. if you blinked, you might have missed it. rick santorum is the new front runner in the race for president, but one of the reasons behind the surge, he's got something mitt romney does not. joe johns is standing by for us live. he's next. curity line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro. some aerosols may just mix with them.
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if you are a political junkie, you're kind of excited about march 6. why? because of the super tuesday. less than three weeks away, ten primaries and caucuses all in
3:48 pm
one single day, but out of all of those contests, ohio is probably the biggest prize because it is a key battleground state. and the numbers now there show -- look at this -- rick santorum leading the pack. this is a new poll showing him -- count it -- 7 points ahead of romney, 36-29. obviously, many a day until march 6. this could swing back and forth. santorum hoping he can sustain that momentum, i'm sure. >> that's for sure, brooke. it's going to be a real challenge for him. we may learn by the end of the first week of march whether this is going to be a battle of regional candidates. you know, santorum's big test is going to be if the pro-romney super pack restore our future starts the attack machine, if you will, and how santorum responds to that. we think we got a hint today that maybe santorum is going to try to be creative, for example, using humor to deflect some of the negative advertising.
3:49 pm
santorum has a humorous ad out with a guy that looks like romney shooting what looks like mud out of a machine gun. it's pretty funny, and the question is if that's the kind of thing that will do the trick when the pro-romney ads start making the former senator look like, quote, an ultimate washington insider. newt gingrich really didn't respond real well when the attacks started hitting him, and you could say he's trying to get his sea legs back, brooke. >> there's that humorous ad. he's hoping to bank on. on the flip side, mitt romney, how worried is he? >> well, we have this ohio poll showing santorum up, but it's very close. i think what's inducing the heartburn for a campaign like this is numbers that show romney's likeability dropping by double digits just in the last month. that is not good news. now, some of the other campaigns have claimed that his
3:50 pm
likeability problems have had to do with what's called the boomerang effect. when a candidate goes negative, it makes his own supporters like him a little bit less. but i talked to two experts sai boomerang effect will really stay in play for very long. they think there will still be time for romney to bounce back. >> three weeks away, who knows, looking forward to it. joe johns, appreciate it. now this -- >> haven't had an asian guy play so well before. >> all of two weeks ago, this guy was sleeping on his brother's couch. now just a couple hours from now, jeremy lin will step onto the biggest stage. coming up next, a guy who used to play for the knicks as well, also known as one of the basketball's bad boys. any guesses?
3:51 pm
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3:54 pm
when the pressure is on, this guy wants the ball. >> i'm thankful that the coach and my teammates trust me with the ball at the end of the game. you know, i like having it at the end of the game, but, you know, i'm just very thankful. >> this young man has everyone talking, headlines, tweeting, you name it, going to be a while before the city of new york's papers one off puns. i don't know, probe you can come up with something too. the wrote this week's cover story for "sports illustrated" and you were a senior at harvard when lin was a freshman there. also on the phone charles oakley who played ten seasons with the knicks, but pablo, i want to begin with you. it's unique that you were there. did you know who he was? was he a blip on your radar? >> yeah, jeremy was the taiwanese kid throwing the
3:55 pm
behind-the-back passes off the bench. he wall street notable for what he looked like, his flair, but nobody thought at this point he would even star in the ivy league, let alone this national sensation. >> how is he handling all of this? this is insane. >> yeah, i think jeremy, you know, is so uniquely wired. at harvard even, he was selling out games in california when he traveled because of his fan base. he was thisation-american superstar in that community. so as huge a stage as this is, jeremy has had some degree of preparation for that. with the warriors, it was the same deal. now he's actual will you having the talent and production to back up so many hopes and dreams for so many people. >> pablo, i want to come back to you in a moment. charles is on the phone, ten seasons on the knicks, you've been critical of your old team, do you think jeremy lin has the chops to keep playing the way he
3:56 pm
has been. and michael jordan, do you think he's regretting not drafting him? >> he's doing a great job, the energy, the team. he's showing people never quit, no matter whether you're the 12tho 15th man on the bench, when you get a chance take advantage of it. >> what did you think of that three-pointer at the end? >> i watched the game, because i knew i was doing interviews. he kept bouncing up. i think the key was the game when they put him on the 2 guard, and he reserved the energy and had enough energy to make the big three at the end of the game. >> what about michael jordan? you talk to him at all? >> well, you talked to him today, but he didn't say anything about it, but it was -- the last two, three days was -- you've got a six-game winning streak, and people didn't expect it because you have carmelo and
3:57 pm
stow amar'e on the sidelines. >> on the sidelines. that is incredible. >> just giving him the centering going to the game. the guy stays strong. without their best two players. >> charles, stay on the line with me. pablo back to you, you also have this interesting back story. this is a guy who was getting passed up to play college ball, getting scholarships. i heard an interview where you had the harvard strength trainer told him he was the weakest he had ever seen in the history of the harvard program? >> yeah, and you can guess what the history of the harvard program looks like the not a lot of arnold schwarzeneggers in the history of that. jeremy was coming in without a lot of opportunities. when he visited cal berkeley on his way out of the recruiting interview, they called him ron. they didn't get his name right.
3:58 pm
he teammate was the guy they chose several spots ahead of him. so this storm, jeremy, you know, was a commodity, but people just passed on him. they did not know what to think of this kid that looked like this, played like this. they wondered who to compare him to, and there really wasn't anybody in nba history. >> charles, does he tack up against other guards? >> he has a talent, a skill. he's a point guard and can make people better. when you can do consistently what you have done in the six games, you have a chance to show people he's a true point guard, and the knicks need a point guard. my thing is i think he can stack up last night he showed another big shot. he just has to work on his defense, and guys will come at him. he has to get stronger and know that other point guards will be coming at him, because everybody is building him up. the knicks are saying that, my
3:59 pm
hat goes off to him. >> dharls oakley, thank you. pablo, last question. all these comparisons, tebow/lin comparisons, talking about religion, totally defying expectations, what do you think about that? >> jeremy lin is 1,000 times the story that tim tebow is. tim tebow, he came from florida, not harvard, wasn't cut, didn't go to the d league four times, didn't live on his brother's couch. jeremy has faced odds that no one has really faced in terms of the path he took. we don't see it very often, specifically in basketball. what about quickly, this is happening in new york and there are other people -- i think one of your colleagues was saying if this had happened in millennium fill without these cameras around, he may not have even been a story. >> i mean, new york has that amplifyi


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